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ETHLen Before investing you should know that how and why the bitcoin price is changing and the terms on which it is dependent like demand and supply, regulations, and news etc. so that you can know how people make their prediction about Bitcoin price. In addition to it, the technology used is very advanced, the blockchain technology, and it is going to be more advantageous in the near future. <a href=>bitcoin kurs usd</a>


YulNet Le Creuset Lenox Lock &amp; Lock Ninja For years I suffered from dry peeling nails. Nothing worked. I tried everything on the market. Some of the products made the peeling and dryness worse. I saw the Beekman guys on the Q and decided to give them a try <a href=>Soft flaky nails</a>

Crablinks Interactive Ltd

Crablinks Interactive Ltd We offer customized website design, corporate photography, search engine optimization and branding services for companies and organizations without compromising on quality and speed of delivery. We believe any creative web design project is unique and needs to be treated so. The design process we use makes sure the time scheduled for a creative project is met effectively on the budget with happy client results. Our dedication in handling our client project is with personal touch, involving yo...

Afritech Media

Afritech Media We are the best Web Design & SEO Services provider in Nairobi, Kenya.

Lewis Wachira

Lewis Wachira My name is Lewis Wachira, a journalist by profession and a marketer through passion.I have the privilege of working in the bustling, never-sleeping city of Nairobi, where small and medium businesses drive the economy. I help small businesses gain a competitive advantage in what they do by simply integrating digital marketing, good design, and effective writing into how they engage their customers.


Zatiti Are you looking for a way to take your shop online? Are you looking for a place to set up your e-Commerce website complete with payment gateways? Zatiti is just what you are looking for. Create your shop a website that accepts orders and payments. Reach customers with any device. Your online store will be responsive to ensure that you reach customers with mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Search Engine Optimization. Your online store will employ the best Search Engine Optimization practice...

Verve K.O Ltd

Verve K.O Ltd Verve is a technology products and services company offering Business Solutions, Outsourcing and Consulting. Our expertise is broadly divided into Solutions, Outsourcing, and Consulting. We help companies save time and money and increase operating efficiency by automating business processes, efficiently managing documents and replacing or augmenting processes. Verve was founded by passionate people, a common denominator among all who work here. he culture is one that encourages staff to innovate...

Djuaji Research Ltd

Djuaji Research Ltd Djuaji allows individuals and businesses to conduct mass research surveys super fast and super cheap by offering respondents mobile money. With the rise of big data and the need for in-depth market research your business should not be left behind. Sophisticated market intelligence units, while far too costly for small enterprises in emerging markets, enable companies to remain ahead of their peers. Hence the need for Djuaji surveys. We level the playing field by facilitating high quality, scalab...

Cardplanet Solutions Limited

Cardplanet Solutions Limited Cardplanet Solutions Limited is an IT Company located in Nairobi Kenya and was founded in 2011. Cardplanet Solutions is in the business of developing and marketing proprietary personal information solutions. The company leverages on smart cards and related technologies integrated to the internet and hence creating robust “chip-to-cloud” solutions for an array of environments. Our main focus areas are Health, Identity, Payments and Loyalty. Our solutions increase efficiency, convenience, security...


M-Lesson M-Lesson is a mobile subscription platform that helps parents make better education decisions and improve their children’s learning outcomes. Many parents lack real, performance-based information about their child’s educational growth and the quality of their primary schools. M-Lesson allows parents to test their child’s progress themselves by sending them daily assessment questions and providing ongoing performance analyses. For a small daily fee, parents may therefore truly understand how well...