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While hackathons seem exclusive to developers they are also welcoming to the less technical entrepreneur. They are also good avenues to meet your future technical co-founder or next developer.

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Hackathons can seem rather exclusive to the less technical entrepreneur but they aren't events to be feared. Born out of the hacker culture - coding overnight, downing one mug of coffee after another, endless pizza supplies - they have morphed to open events that encourage anyone with an idea to attend. They are not just developer-only events. If you are the typical, dyed-in-the-wool Marketing guy or just an Accountant you can attend too. What if you do not have a team? Don not worry. You can simply go as an individual and join a team in the event.

The cordial nature of the hackathon can also be a good place if you are searching for that technical cofounder you've always wanted to help you bring your idea to life. Perhaps, you have been searching for technical talent to join your dream team. Hackathons are also good for this: an opportunity to scout for talent. While all this may seem geared towards the "techies", in reality it isn't. Also developers can bump into really creative sales people and business people in such events. All in all, what it takes is just your presence. Next time when you hear a hackathon taking place in your town grab the opportunity. You might get lucky to be part of an unfolding unicorn.

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