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The Signal to Noise blog moved to Medium. Here is the main reason why the founders of Basecamp did it and why it could work for you too.

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Signal to Noise blog moved to Medium. Nothing new here but the post announcing their shift has some pretty insights. Full link to the post:

The piece that interested me the most is that of the Cobbler's Shoe Syndrome. As DHH states on the post: "...running our own blog system is a classic case of the cobbler’s shoe syndrome. Yes, we’re well capable of technically making a great blog system, keeping it updated, and keeping the design fresh, but it falls to the bottom of the list of priorities against making #Basecamp better... Why not just use something off-the-shelve that others have as their sole mission to make the best?" Interesting. Kick it a little up into the Web tech arena and this would be akin to the Web designer's Website Syndrome. But I digress.

If you were to review your input in your business' blog would you say it's ROI is worth the effort? When last did you update its software? Yes, may be it's your content marketing gem but if you look at the technical expense of running it it just might not add up. May be running that website is not your business' core mission/reason for being in business. Perhaps, like I always say, you can hand over the techie bits to others and focus on posting awesome content. Signal to Noise's move to Medium has got them a wider audience than they had on their self-hosted blog. Excerpt: "Between just RECONSIDER and The day I became a millionaire, I’ve had more than 500,000 people see those articles. We just weren’t getting those numbers hosting Signal v Noise on our own island."

May be it's time for you to step back and think how you can use third-party blogging platforms thus outsourcing the maintenance of the technical aspects of your company blog to others.

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