When Entrepreneurial Ambition Turns to Unbridled Greed Article

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There is a thin line between avarice and ambition and it is easy for the entrepreneur to fall into greed that leads to his - and his business' - downfall

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You have been toiling on your idea for God-knows how long. You are wondering when your hockey-stick projections will ever come. Your #startup 's take-off, it seems, is not even in the horizon. You are getting impatient. Looking around, you see all your competitors seem to be "making it". Every press release, every media coverage that your competitor(s) get(s) just wounds you. Why aren't you making it? You wake up everyday. You work on your #business everyday. At the end of the day, measure your results. The Grind.The humdrum. Soon, press releases about the industry you are targeting start streaming in; followed by a horde of new startups talking about how they are positioned to "disrupt" the sector. They seem to have connections. They are raising rounds of funds. That's shocking! You need to do something. You need a kick. Not later. Not tomorrow. NOW!

Sometimes, when an #entrepreneur is in this state they can easily fall into the trap of unbridled greed. Their ambition morphs into the ugly monster of avarice. Sadly, many never see it coming. Soon, in the need not to be left behind the entrepreneur either:

  • Raids their accounts and burns cash without measuring ROI just to stimulate "rapid growth"
  • Falls into the trap of customer pre-financing while neglecting their thin cash-flow levels. They need to out-compete the competition in getting customers, right?
  • Borrows heavily. Over-gearing a business is the quickest path to its death.
  • Tries to win in multiple niches. The idea here being the business needs "multiple income streams".
  • Or focuses intensively in raising funds while neglecting the business all together.

The best solution is to simply focus on your journey. Competition will always be there. Other peoples' businesses will always look better than yours. But you are not them. This is YOUR business so take care of it. Control your ambitions by focusing on YOUR journey not THEIRS, YOUR growth and not THEIR growth.

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