• Koki Designs Koki Designs

    Koki Designs Kenya based Fashion house by Kokeb Zemed Pinard. Award-winning East African Designer 2017 by Kenya Fashion Awards....

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  • Wambui Mukenyi Wambui Mukenyi

    Wambui Mukenyi label is the brainchild of a self taught designer, a true artist and a visionary....

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  • Pamoloo Fashion House Pamoloo Fashion House

    Pamoloo Fashion House is a quintessential fashion house based in Nairobi, Kenya, offering unique, sassy, yet modest fashion....

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  • Whitecollar Fashion House Kenya Whitecollar Fashion House Kenya

    Whitecollar Fashion House Kenya is a fashion house based in Nairobi....

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  • Sanabora Creations Sanabora Creations

    Handbags, sling bags, clutch purses, hobo bags, tote bags, shopping bags and travel bags with a distinctive contemporary African theme are what mark out Sanabora Creations in the market. Sanabora Creation's unique approach to design can be seen in such accessories as wallets, purses, jewellery to sandals and home decor items....

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    ABOUT SANSART KENYA: ONLINE MALL FOR QUALITY & GUARANTEED PRODUCTS Welcome to SANSART Kenya. SANSART was founded in 2004, specializing in sales of mobile phones and accessories. We have over the years transitioned into a direct sales online company providing a range of products including Mobile Batteries, Accessories, Power Banks, Watches, Belts, Fashions, Smart Electronics, Motoring accessories etc. Most of our Products are sold within our Brands : Pure Original™, Pure ULTRA™, STAR ...

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