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Deveint Ltd

Deveint Ltd Deveint: the only creative agency that can provide your business with the full package of Internet solutions geared at creating your corporate identity. Do you want a professionally done business website? Deveint can do that? An E-commerce solution? Deveint has it? Android, Windows Phone, SMS or USSD mobile applications? Deveint can develop them. Branding Management? Deveint has the expertise. Social Media Management services for your business' social profiles? Deveint has them.

NikoHapa Ventures Ltd

NikoHapa Ventures Ltd With an innovative customer engagement network called NikoHapa Customer Engagement Platform, your business can interact and reward your most loyal customers through social media marketing. You can also gain insights about your product/service through customer feedback gained from the platform. Through the NikoHapa Card and NikoHapa terminals or the 4272 SMS service your customers can promote your business through geo-location "checkins" to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter.