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Lewis Wachira

Lewis Wachira My name is Lewis Wachira, a journalist by profession and a marketer through passion.I have the privilege of working in the bustling, never-sleeping city of Nairobi, where small and medium businesses drive the economy. I help small businesses gain a competitive advantage in what they do by simply integrating digital marketing, good design, and effective writing into how they engage their customers.

Focweb Technologies Ltd

Focweb Technologies Ltd Focweb Technologies Ltd is an innovative Web applications development company specializing in the development of business process automation Systems. Since our year of establishment in 2012 we have managed to develop and deploy enterprise-level Web ...

Deveint Ltd

Deveint Ltd Deveint: the only creative agency that can provide your business with the full package of Internet solutions geared at creating your corporate identity. Do you want a professionally done business website? Deveint can do that? An E-commerce solution? Deveint has it? Android, Windows Phone, SMS or USSD mobile applications? Deveint can develop them. Branding Management? Deveint has the expertise. Social Media Management services for your business' social profiles? Deveint has them.

Lyki Basics

Lyki Basics When it comes to B2B (Business to Business) IT solutions, Lyki Basics is the go-to provider. Lyki Basics' core offerings are Online Marketing, Design and print, Web Design and Hosting, Domain Registration, software development, computer hardware supply and networking solutions for businesses of any size.

Lamu Software

Lamu Software Located along Langata South Rd at the Langata Link Complex Office 16, Lamu Software are not only the Web Design experts in town but are also the Django gurus of the city. With its well-known wesite creation process, Lamu Software can deliver any website as per the client's specifications. They also perform thorough SEO on every site they create.

Digital Consulting Group Ltd

Digital Consulting Group Ltd DCG is a local ICT company that offers the entire range of Web-related services such as Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Domain Registration, Web Hosting and the development of company intranets. It also offers consultancy services in business branding and marketing, image management and marketing and promotional planning.

Mackphilisa Computer Systems

Mackphilisa Computer Systems Are you in search of computer hardware, software, bespoke on-site technical design and support, domain registration, web design or web hosting services? Mackphilisa Computer Systems offers all that.


Zawatu Zawatu is a collection of online discovery platforms that offer an online point for entrepreneurs to list their businesses, hotels, lounges, law firms, branding companies and advertising agencies.